Professional hosting quick-start checklist

Growing numbers of property managers, hoteliers, and other hospitality entrepreneurs are building or expanding their businesses on Airbnb. Our tools and features make it easier than ever to manage listings and reservations at scale, either within our simple interface or using integrated software. 

Ready to get started with professional hosting? Airbnb is here to help every step of the way. Use this simple checklist to track your progress as you get up and running.


Get started


    Sign up for a new Airbnb account
Create a business account at using a professional email address that guests can use to reach you.

    Set up your business profile to fit your brand
Use your company name or main account owner’s name. For the profile photo, upload a company logo or a team or personal photo.

    Describe your business
Use the Describe Yourself field to tell Airbnb guests about your business. This description will appear on all listings.


Add required information


   Verify your account as a business account
To comply with anti–money laundering regulations, we must collect and verify certain types of host information.

   Add a payout method
Add your preferred way for us to pay you. Learn more.

   Add your taxpayer information
If you appear to have U.S.-sourced income, or in certain other cases, we must collect certain taxpayer information from you. Learn more.


Create listings


   Set up your API-connected software
Grant your property management system or channel manager permission to manage your Airbnb account. Learn more. If you don’t utilize API-connected software then go to the next step.

   Publish listings
On your connected software, choose up to 30 listings and they’ll automatically appear on Airbnb. Each should have 20+ nights available over the next 3 months. Learn more.

   Set up your listings for success
Write listing titles that set each place apart, list all amenities, and upload high-quality photos. Learn more.

   Include clear, concise house rules
Guests must agree to your house rules to complete a booking. Learn more.

   Pick a cancellation policy
Five policies are available. Most property managers, boutique hotels, and homeowners’ associations use a Super Strict policy. Learn more.

   Choose a fee option
Our host-only fee option helps you offer guests predictable, competitive prices. Learn more.


Understand the booking process


  Guest accepts terms
In order to book, a guest must agree to Airbnb’s Terms of Service and your house rules, and indicate the number of guests.

  Guest books property
Airbnb receives payment from the guest and sends you an email notification. The listing is updated in your software. The reservation appears on your Airbnb reservations page.

  Airbnb pays you
On the payout date (usually within 24 hours of guests’ arrival), Airbnb pays you the reservation funds minus the host service fee. You can always check transaction status here. Learn more.


Learn about changes, cancellations, & claims


  Reservation changes
To confirm a reservation change, both host and guest must approve it on Airbnb. Learn more.

  Host cancellations
Host cancellations can incur fees, blocked calendar dates, and other penalties. Learn more.

  Security deposit claims
Security deposit claims must be initiated promptly through our Resolution Center. Learn more.


Use professional tools & methods


  Track performance
Use your performance dashboard to track and compare your listings’ performance across business metrics. Learn more.

  Create a pro marketing page
This dedicated landing page lets guests browse your listings and makes it easy to share listings by social media or email. Learn more.

  Build your team
You can host listings with other team members without sharing the same account or private information. Learn more.



We hope this list helps you take some strides toward professional hosting success.

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