Introducing teams on Airbnb, making it easier to host together

Our hospitality entrepreneurs—including those operating boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, and property management companies—rely on us to provide the right tools to build their hosting business. Working hand-in-hand with multiple team members was something that, until today, was a challenge on Airbnb where listings are owned by a single account. This has made collaboration difficult without resorting to unsafe practices like sharing passwords.


Teams, Airbnb’s new collaborative tool, makes hosting with multiple team members much easier and more secure. We’ve added teams to our suite of professional hosting tools to help anyone with a passion for exceptional hospitality grow their business on Airbnb.


With teams, everyone who has a role in a hosting business —from reservationists to operations specialists and accountants to cleaners—can access and work together on a common set of listings under one team account. The team’s account owner can invite new team members to join using their own Airbnb account.  

Unique permission sets

The permission sets in the teams tool help team members do their jobs while also providing access control. Once members set up an Airbnb account and join the team, they are granted a basic set of permissions. Then the team owner can grant individualized permissions for tasks like editing listings, setting prices, messaging guests, or accessing private information like taxpayer details.


Actions team members can take with permissions include:

  • Listing management: create and edit listing content and photos
  • Guest management: message and review guests, make changes to reservations
  • Pricing and availability: manage pricing, discounts, fees, availability
  • Finances: access transaction history, generate earnings and payouts reports
  • Team management: invite new team members, edit member permissions

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Please note that you must use our professional hosting tools to set up a team.

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