Introducing Airbnb’s performance dashboard, a new way to make strategic decisions

Helping our hospitality entrepreneurs grow their hosting businesses is the main driving force behind every update we make. Previously, hosts weren’t able to easily track the performance of multiple listings, which made it challenging for them to recognize what was and wasn’t working.

Our new performance dashboard gives you on-demand access to performance data across multiple listings, as well as market averages. This gives you greater control over your information to help you make strategic decisions and meet your hosting goals.

Tracking real-time and historical listing data

With the performance dashboard, you’re able to track and compare metrics such as market averages and listing performance across multiple listings over time. This makes identifying successful strategies easier than ever before.

A few of the metrics you can track include:

    • Occupancy rate: compare across listings and make adjustments to boost bookings
    • Average nightly rate: compare your nightly rate to the market average to make your pricing more competitive
    • Visibility: check which listings are getting the most views to understand what guests are looking for

Taking action

The performance dashboard will also surface real-time personalized tips directly within your dashboard, when available. This helps you to turn data into action by making improvements to multiple listings, with just a few clicks. For example, you can create special offers for dates with low demand. Hosts who had access to these offers have seen a 3% increase in bookings during the testing phase.

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Want to learn more? How do I track my hosting performance?

Please note that you must use our professional hosting tools to view this performance dashboard. You can find more information and sign up for these tools here.