Get to know Airbnb’s professional tools & features

Airbnb started as a place for individual hosts to connect with guests from around the world by offering unique accommodation. As our host community has grown, we’ve added a suite of tools and features to help anyone with a passion for exceptional hospitality grow their business on Airbnb.

Manage listings at scale

Being able to easily manage multiple listings creates more freedom for our hosts to focus on what they do best––enhancing the guest experience. With improved searching and sorting, hosts can now update information across multiple listings at once.

Hosting as a team

With teams, everyone who has a role in a hosting business—from reservationists to accountants to cleaners—can easily and securely collaborate under one team account. Once team members set up their own Airbnb account and join the team, they start with a basic set of permissions. Then the team owner can grant individualized permissions for tasks like editing listings, setting prices, messaging guests, or accessing private information like taxpayer details.

Enhanced pricing and availability rules

To support more complex rate management and give hosts greater control over how guests book, there are now additional pricing and availability settings. Rates can be adjusted within the individual listing or through the multi-calendar tool. Hosts can also create and save detailed pricing and availability rule-sets to account for seasonality or special events throughout the year.

On-demand performance data

The new performance dashboard gives you on-demand access to performance data across multiple listings, as well as market averages. It will also surface real-time personalized tips directly within your dashboard, when available. This gives you greater control over your information to help you make strategic decisions and meet your hosting goals.

Support for standard fees

Being able to set nightly rates, while adding standard fees separately helps hosts manage their businesses in a way that works best for them. Adding separate items like linens or management fees also improves accounting and visibility by highlighting payout details for each booking. Read more about collecting additional fees here

Pro marketing page

Hosts with multiple listings can promote their business on Airbnb. With the pro marketing page, hosts get a unique URL, where they can customize content, and where all listings are showcased on a single page. Guest reviews also appear here, demonstrating host credibility.

Integrated software partners

To accommodate hosts who use existing software to manage their business, we have a growing network of property management software providers and channel managers. Hosts can easily connect and start managing their listings on Airbnb through an integrated provider. Our Preferred Software Partners are those who support the full suite of Airbnb functionality, and have met or exceeded technical performance benchmarks. See the full list of global partners here

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