Feature spotlight: do more in less steps in the listings page

With every tool and feature, our goal is to improve the Airbnb platform for property managers, boutique hotels, b&bs, and other hosts with specialized business needs. By consolidating steps for making listing updates, we have been able to create more efficiency for hosts managing multiple listings. With an improved workflow, hosts can view all of their properties at once, and make a variety of changes.

Update multiple listings in one place

Previously, updates had to be made through each individual listing. From the listings page, you can now search, sort, and filter the listings you are looking for, then select the ones you want to update by checking the boxes on the left. From here, make changes to additional fees and charges, such as cleaning fees and security deposits, as well as listing details––amenities and check-in methods. A more recent feature is the ability for hosts to update cancellation policies and house rules across multiple listings. 

Originally, hosts could update property type and a few amenities only. Once they reported immediate time-saving results, we knew we needed to expand to other types of updates. With the help of our host community, we identified priority items that would be most useful to edit from the same page. Now, everything from amenities and extra fees, house rules and check-in method can be updated from one view. Software-connected hosts can make updates across any listing set to limited sync.

Quickly update your listings

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  • Property type
  • Fees and charges
  • Availability
  • Amenities
  • Location
  • Check-in method
  • House rules
  • Cancellation policy  



Feedback is a central part of how we partner with you, our hosts, to help evolve the platform in meaningful ways and develop a greater suite of professional tools and features. Use this widget to tell us what other updates you’d like to see on the listings page or hosts can leave feedback through the help center.

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