Boutique hotels on Airbnb

As more boutique and lifestyle hotels discover the benefits of listing rooms on Airbnb, more of our guests are searching for a variety of options to accommodate different stays. Knowing what Airbnb guests are seeking when they come to our platform, especially when it comes to authentic and unique experiences, can help hotel hosts increase their booking success.


The places guests choose to stay often enrich their overall travel experience. For some hotel hosts, the accommodation is the experience––a hotel that captures the appreciation of photography as way to deliver hospitality; or a concept that merges traditional hotel amenities with the comforts of staying in a home––it’s all about the creative ways they provide a unique and impressionable stay.

Another example, Freehand LA, has merged artist advocacy, community involvement, and guest service all under one roof. With artist-designed rooms, gallery exhibitions, and involvement in national art fairs, they have created a blend of hospitality all their own. Inspired by open expression, this value shows up not only in guest service (creative menus, one-off personal touches), but in the way each Freehand interacts with its location. During the Women’s March, the hotel invited people impromptu to create posters in their lobby space, and next year all Freehand locations will roll out their own philanthropic campaign.


Fusing core values with the guests’ stay leads to a more immersive and authentic experience. It’s also this level of integration in service, brand, and deep commitment to hospitality that make it stand out as something entirely different. While these hotels have a thorough concept in place, success can also be found by offering other memorable details. Guests on Airbnb search for accommodation with unique design elements and community areas. Hotels that focus on cultivating a signature quality to their interior spaces often increase their chances of getting booked.

Most popular design elements on Airbnb:

  • Guest rooms with unique details
  • Spaces designed for community
  • Incorporation of local art or design touches
  • Architectural characteristics that set the property apart
  • A variety of room options, sometimes varied in design from room to room

Additionally, hotels that nurture a connection with their local neighborhood reflect the quality of hosting Airbnb guests are most interested in today. Since guests often book accommodation in a place they’re looking to explore, boutique hotels can offer other touches that give them a sense of place––locally made soaps that are also sold as gifts, culinary or walking tours, artist-designed city guides, or an event that connects guests to the local culture, are a few common examples.


Airbnb Hotels Program Manager, Cameron Houser, says, “We hope to grow our partnerships with independent and unique properties that value hospitality and make each guest’ stay special. We get excited when we see unique and memorable amenities, design elements, community spaces at every property, and have loved working with hotels that truly think about hospitality first. These properties always make visitors feel special, welcome, and give every guest a locally inspired experience.”


While we welcome all hosts we encourage hotels to follow our best practices and standards when listing on Airbnb.

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